Retina sound is closed.

Thanks to the San Francisco community for years of great business.

Retina sound is now closed and our gear is up for sale. If there’s something off our our equipment list you’d like to buy, Please contact John at

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Retina Sound is a Bay Area based company that provides quality sound equipment and engineers for a variety of applications including nightclubs, conferences, DJs and live entertainment. From a small setup for a private party, wedding, or recital, to a full outdoor concert system with live performers, we can serve your needs. We are always happy to discuss your needs and offer quality solutions.

We offer unique emergency services to rescue nightclubs and venues when equipment fails during the event’s operation. No need to keep expensive parts and excess equipment on hand, just call Retina and we’ll show up with the gear you need (extra charges apply for emergency service.)

We are also well-versed in all majorĀ  system controllers, including Ashley Proteus, Contour Lake, SoundWeb, BSS Omnidrive, dbx DriveRack, Nexia, and many others.

Please Note! Our delivery Area is restricted to within a 30 mile radius of San Francisco. We do not deliver south of Mountain View or East of Berkeley.