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Hi, I’m John Adams, an security researcher, investor, and technologist from San Francisco, CA, USA.

On this blog, I’ll discuss emerging technologies related to audio, video, hardware, and security issues. In general, it’s a dumping ground for my opinions and whatever comes to mind. I update quite infrequently, so volume should be quite low.

Many years ago, I was employee thirteen at a tiny startup, Twitter and left early in 2014. That company has grown into a large corporation now, but I prefer startups. Now I spend my days advising startups on security, scalability, and user privacy. When I’m not working on that, I write music, take photos, and make entertainment happen in San Francisco.

I’ve worked in the Internet industry for nearly 25 years. In the past, I’ve worked at companies like Apple, c|net, and Inktomi, building secure, large scale infrastructures to support many of your favorite web applications.

What is Retina?

During the Web 1.0 days, Retina (or Retina Communications) was an artist collective, an ISP, a web development firm and later in the 2000’s, Retina Sound was a full-service (now defunct) entertainment production company. I guess it’s been my entrepreneurial outlet all these years and the name just stuck.