Last update: March 30th, 1998

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Autogallery is an image display and management system by John Adams ( It's primary function is to allow people to post image archives to the web without having to go through the tedious chore of rebuilding HTML each time the image archive is modified, and to eliminate the need to write new HTML when additional images are added to the archive.

You can see autogallery in action on my home page at:

Some of the features available to users and maintainers include:

  • Consistent interface; the User Interface remains the same from image to image and section to section
  • Regex searching across the image archive, with a modular search algorithm that can be replaced if you need a more powerful one.
  • JavaScript control of windows to allow the viewing of images and index in seperate panes.
  • The ability to edit image descriptions from the command line, with your favorite editor, or visually, using the caption editing interface.

System Requirements

  • Perl 5.004 or better (Required)
  • libjpeg (if you wish to use the thumbnail generation tools) Optional.
  • An account at an ISP that runs a web server, such as Apache that support server side includes (for listing sections the entry page), and the ability to run CGI's from your directory.

Autogallery is released unter the GNU GPL; that is, it's source code and executables are made available freely to the public under the auspices that any additional modifications that you make will be returned to the author and to the general public. You may use AutoGallery for your own purposes, but any inclusion of the layout code or any feature found within Autogallery in a commercial software package or use of the code on a for-profit web site must be cleared with the author first.

By downloading the software, you agree to these terms.

Autogallery is a creation of John Adams <> and is Copyright ©1997, 1998, 1999.

  Autogallery Screen Shot, Tiled Index Page

Autogallery Screen Shot, Display Page