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Modify inexpensive so-called network appliances.
Watch a corporation fight with, instead of working with, hackers. Film at 11.

Last update - 04/06/2000


What i bought

Netpliance i-Opener ($99 + excessively large and unnecessary shipping charge.) These are still hackable, even after the mods, so if you want to go for it, good luck. I don't think I'll buy another one. Netpliance has taken to extreme measures to make up for their losses in this entire matter, and I don't agree with the way they are treating people.

Netpliance Mouse ($19) - Don't buy this; It's rotting in a box at the moment, replaced by a Microsoft IntelliMouse. About the only useful part is the PS/2 splitter cable, which is in the box. They even send you instructions for the mouse, which is a howl.

Linksys Etherfast 10/100baseT USB Ethernet Interface ($45, gave me fast service and everything you'd expect from a .com. Lots of email notifications and information about the product, plus good pictures. Buy the red one, it's pretty.

Fujitsu 2048AT 9.5mm 4.6GB IDE Laptop HD ($140, Trans-something Corp, I forget. check Good price, lots of space, very fast and very small. Don't buy anything bigger than 9mm! It won't fit. You must remove the heatsink to install any drive, and that means you need a...

TennMax Lasgana Cooling Fan ($24), to replace the ill-designed heatsink. Netplinace's design, although great for it's size, causes the machine to overheat. this is mostly due to the poor design of the heatsink and size of the case. This still hasn't arrived, and I'm quite annoyed. It's been two weeks.

Cables - from Northwest Cable and Connector - I realize ordering cables from someone for a hack like this is lame, but with the rest of the heathens going out and buying up all of the laptop IDE connectors, I had to do something! (still on order)

Hard-drive mount: I chose to mount the harddrive, because of it's incredibly small size, to the UNDERSIDE of the RF shield. The 2048 has exposed SMT connectiors, and because of this I placed a small layer of non-conductive shield and plastic between the original RF shield and the drive's electronics. (Pictures are here)

Grand total on this was about $360 or so. Completely worth it!

I'm considering adding a 10" USB touch screen for use in the kitchen, or living room as an overengineered remote control ;)

When it arrived, one of my immediate concerns was that Netpliance had been able to modify the machine before I had (see recent posts, for more information about thier entirely pointless hack and scheme to bilk more money out of people.)